Custom Development

Specializing in WordPress and Discord


Small Website Projects

Have an issue that needs debugging? Need a custom feature that is not found in a plugin? Or how about an integration with another 3rd party service? I am available for small projects such as these. I am not available for design projects or building full websites.

Custom Plugins

Getting a custom plugin is great if you have multiple websites, or if you you would rather be able to turn custom code on and off by deactivating/reactivating it. If your plugin turns out to be useful to others, I may provide a discount and make it public.


Server Setup

Not sure how to set up channels, roles, permissions, bots, etc.? I can help get everything set up for you. Depending on the size of your project, servers are usually completely set up within a few hours.

Custom Bots

There are thousands of bots available, but perhaps you want something more specific to your needs. Or maybe you want it to have a name and avatar that is geared towards your server. I can build you a custom bot and even host it for you.


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