Bot Terms of Service

Your use of our service ("Bot Developer for Discord") implies that you agree to the Terms stated on this page, and these Terms will remain in effect while you use the service.

Context and Reference

  • Bot Developer for Discord" refers to "our service".
  • "our service" refers to the Discord application and any other related product or service that Bot Developer for Discord provides. It should be noted that Bot Developer for Discord is a service provided by company Apos37.
  • "bot" refers to a user's Discord Bot. A "(bot) command" is a certain order which can be called by a user (a "user" referring to anyone that has access, not just a user of our service in this case) typically in a Discord text or DM channel.
  • "using our service" refers to having the application installed on your device, or accessing any related product or service. If you use our service, you are considered a "user". When the phrase "user" is utilized in these Terms; it refers to an individual using our service (unless stated otherwise).
  • "spam" refers to an action that's repeated in mass form.
  • "bug" refers to unintended behavior happening, often these "bugs" can be observed by users.
  • "token" refers to a Discord Bot Token, a token is essentially a password (and should be treated as such) which grants full access to the bot.
  • "ban" refers to a user of our service being temporarily or permanently suspended from using our service.
  • "warn"/"warning" refers to a user of our service being notified that they neglected to comply with one or more of our Terms.


  1. You agree that you will not contribute any content/actions that use our service or interact with our service in a manner that:
    1. is dangerous, harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
    2. is any form of "spam", or any processes that interfere with Bot Developer for Discord's services. As an example, mass creating or modifying your bot(s) with the intent of crashing or otherwise harming the service.
    3. infringes or violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of anyone else, including ours.
  2. You agree to not decompile or modify our software in any way. We may take legal steps if we detect these actions.
  3. You understand that we reserve the right to warn/ban users of our service, for any reason and without previous notice; even if the user isn't directly violating our Terms. You also understand, we may ban any user that breaks Discord's Terms of Service and/or Discord's Community Guidelines.
  4. You agree not to spam or overuse our computing/storage resources.
  5. You agree not to exploit a detected bug. It should be sent as a report to the developers instead.
  6. You agree to cope with any applicable limitations that Bot Developer for Discord has. This includes the 2,399 guild limit per bot. We do not guarantee any amount of uptime, however hosting is our best effort.
  7. You agree to our Privacy Policy.
  8. You agree we shall not be held liable for users that abuse our service to perform malicious, or otherwise unlawful ventures. However, as stated previously in these Terms; we do uphold the right to warn/ban in these circumstances.

We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of our Terms at any time, and you will still be expected to comply. It is recommended to check this page periodically for changes.

We may warn/ban users if we discover they didn't comply with these Terms.

All your usage and access to our service is subject to these stated Terms, if you do not agree with them, you shall not use the service.

In case we change our Terms, if you don't agree with the new Terms, you are free to reject them by no longer using our service.


If you have questions/concerns about these Terms or our service, you may contact me directly.

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